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Unboxing has evolved beyond a simple act of revealing a new purchase—it’s now a powerful tool for building customer advocacy and community engagement. In the digital age, unboxing videos have become a phenomenon, particularly on platforms like YouTube & Instagram, where creators unpack and showcase products in a systematic and often entertaining manner.

At THINGS, we recognize the significance of unboxing as more than just an activity—it’s a way to connect with customers, share experiences, and build trust. Our platform offers D2C brands a unique opportunity to leverage the unboxing feature within the THINGS App to cultivate a thriving community and encourage user-generated content (UGC).

Here’s how unboxing works within the THINGS ecosystem:

Acquisition of the Product: It all begins with the excitement of acquiring a new product. Whether it’s a gadget, fashion item, or subscription box, the unboxing process kicks off with the receipt or purchase of the item.

Recording the Unboxing: Users have the option to document their unboxing experience through videos using their smartphones or cameras. They can share their thoughts, first impressions, and insights about the product during the recording.

Opening the Packaging: The highlight of the unboxing is, of course, the unveiling of the product. Users get to experience the anticipation and satisfaction of opening the packaging, often in a visually appealing and theatrical manner.

Showcasing the Item: Once unboxed, users showcase the contents of the package, which may include the main product, accessories, user manuals, and any additional items included with the purchase.

Details: Users may inspect the product closely, highlight its features, and even demonstrations to provide valuable insights to fellow community members.

Sharing Impressions and Opinions: Throughout the unboxing process, users share their genuine thoughts, opinions, and first impressions of the product. This authentic feedback helps others make informed decisions about their purchases.

Unboxing videos on THINGS offer D2C brands a powerful way to connect with their audience, showcase their products, and encourage user participation. By embracing this feature, brands can tap into the authenticity and influence of user-generated content, driving customer advocacy and loyalty.

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