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E-Commerce Agency:  PPC & Performance Marketing

Fuel Your E-commerce Success with Data-Driven Campaigns! 

Our primary focus revolves around boosting our clients’ sales and maximizing the ratio of Lifetime Value (LTV) to Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC). We prioritize what truly matters for your business growth. 

Accelerating Ecommerce Sales

– Search engine marketing or Google Pay-Per-Click PPC campaigns

– Social Media Ads on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube

– Custom campaigns tailored for rapid e-commerce sales growth.

Search Engine Marketing a.k.a. Google PPC: At THINGS, our approach to Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is driven by data, people, and a meticulous process. We don’t just manage your account; we analyze and significantly improve your ad performance with a focus on sales conversions rather than just click-throughs using machine-learned automation.

We understand the power of keyword intent in driving meaningful engagement. With our data-driven strategy, we classify search advertising into two funnels: High Intent Keywords and Low Intent Keywords. High-intent keywords indicate a strong inclination towards making a transaction. For these users, we implement time-bound retargeting ads and suggest offline conversions.

On the other hand, low-intent keywords, while having broad traffic potential, require a different approach. We optimize such traffic through page engagement, followed by retargeting ads. Our execution strategy involves data-driven search ad management, and dynamic ad rotation to counter Ad Fatigue. Campaign optimization is central to our strategy. At THINGS, we’re not just managing ads; we’re orchestrating a symphony of strategic marketing to elevate your brand’s success in the digital landscape!

PPC Key points

– Harness high-intent traffic with Google, Bing & Yahoo Search Ads.

– Data-driven approach for sales-focused optimization.

– Leveraging Keyword Intent – Strategic use of high and low intent keywords for effective targeting.

SEM Execution Strategy

1. Data-Driven Search Ad Management: Optimizing budget, keywords, and creative LOCs.

2. Campaign Optimization leveraging remarketing: Scaling campaigns based on real-time performance.

3. Custom Attribution: Understanding attribution models for effective valuation.

Social Advertising: We dive deep into intent-based optimization, understanding customer intentions by analyzing psychographic and demographic info, time of day, and specific interests. It’s not just about ads; it’s about driving the best results across various funnels through dynamic budget allocation and qualitative optimization.

Personalization is key. We simultaneously promote diverse audiences with multiple creatives, mapping the best-performing campaigns to audiences and scaling where it matters most. 

Social Media Ads Execution Strategy: Audience research is exhaustive, employing a special grid modeling methodology to create exclusive audience segments based on hard and soft parameters. Our data-driven social ad management ensures dynamic ad rotation and optimized performance. Campaign optimization is our forte, scaling based on performance. 

We focus on two routes: direct ads leading to conversions or engaging landing pages, and direct ads to landing pages with retargeting for conversions.

The landing page should be like a red carpet for customers, answering questions about what you’re selling, how it helps, and why to trust you. Make it fast and exciting, combining education and entertainment. The ad and landing page should match for a consistent and trustworthy experience. A good landing page is different from a Product or collection page. It educates on the product and educates e.g.Shopify PageBuilder. 

Custom attribution is our secret sauce, figuring out how different models impact the valuation of your marketing channels, campaigns, audiences, and ads. With data in our DNA, two decades of experience, and a robust strategy; we’re making magic happen for your advertising ROI. 

Social Media Ads Key points

1. Reduce Ad Wastage: Maximize returns with laser-targeted ads.

2. Benefits: Ads Automation, Intent-Based Optimization, Cross Funnel Optimization, Qualitative Optimization, Personalized Ads, Real-Time Reporting.

Social Advertising Execution Strategy 

1- Exhaustive Audience Research: Special grid modeling for precise audience targeting.

2- Data-Driven Social Ad Management: Optimizing campaigns for performance and minimal waste.

3- Campaign Optimization and Reaching the People based on their funnel step: Scaling campaigns based on real-time performance.

Performance Marketing includes Data-Driven Advertising, Brand Advertising, CRO & Experiments, First Party Data, Attribution & Focus on sales, and maximizing LTV: CAC for sustainable growth. It also involves a customized strategy for maximum ROAS and competitive advantage.

Retargeting: Our retargeting strategy isn’t just about ads; it’s like starting a friendly chat that keeps going. Imagine you visit a website (that’s the first touch), and then, we keep the conversation alive. This approach has worked wonders; people become 150% more likely to join the chat again and 42% more likely to buy something. It’s like meeting a friend, having a good talk, and deciding to grab a coffee together. We’re here to keep the conversation flowing and make those interactions count!

Proven tactics for increased engagement and conversions.

– Creating a conversation loop for user action.

– Capturing Customers Across Channels

– Launching, optimizing, and sharing insights for top marketplace campaigns.

– Brand Results: Average star rating, Higher conversion, Increased total GMV, Increased BV channel GMV.

Key Online Marketing KPIs:

In the world of Online marketing services, we’ve got your key metrics covered:

– CAC – Cost per customer

– AOV – Average order value

– LTV – Lifetime value of the customer

– Daily/ Weekly/ Monthly Sales

– Lifetime Value to Customer Acquisition Cost Ratio (LTV/CAC)

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