THINGS Platform for D2C Sellers: FAQ

Frequently asked questions

What is THINGS?

THINGS is a product of Human Tales Technology Private Limited. In the THINGS app, people buy & sell things to each other. They make short fun videos for selling their things. Friends and family endorse each other when selling. This builds trust in sellers. Together they discover new sellers & new things. They sell & buy Pre-loved luxury brand items (a.k.a. pre-owned or used fashion items) at great prices, sometimes with a 70% discount.

How do I download the THINGS app on my smartphone?

Download the app and join our mission to create a community that buys and sells to each other in a safe and fun way.

Who can use THINGS?

You use THINGS to buy/sell products. You may use THINGS if you are a minimum of 18 years of age and own any good desktop/laptop with access to good network connectivity. For sellers specifically, access to a good camera, good voice input, and a good quiet ambiance to make product videos will be desirable.

Why should I use THINGS?

THINGS App also has small, boutique and niche shops selling their unique products. Here people buy & sell things to each other. THINGS App does address book analysis of the buyer and the seller to find out if they have any common contacts, to build additional trust in the transaction. THINGS App is like the intersection of the classifieds app OLX, niche marketplace Etsy & short videos app  TikTok. 

1 – Safety: Transactions can be limited to known contacts. Buyers can discover endorsed sellers in their feed for more options.

2 – Fun with short videos: Sellers create entertaining short videos like you see in TikTok, YouTube Shorts & Instagram Reels to make shopping enjoyable.

Buy from friends. Sell to friends. You can also sell to your friend’s friends if your friends endorse you. This opens up a brand new market for you to sell to.  You can opt to transact among trusted individuals only—friends, family, neighbors, and more, reducing fraud risks. It’s Real Social Shopping with Trust built in. Without trust, there is no social shopping. For shoppers, who have been long looking for a social experience in a shopping app and are using apps like Meesho, should give a try to THINGS Shopping App. They will get a real feel of social shopping.   

What can you buy and sell in Things App? 

Anything! You can buy or sell clothes, fashion, collectibles, furniture, used or new cars/bikes, antiques, used mobiles, computers, kitchenware, vintage items, beauty products, luxury items, unique items, designer products, artisan things, handmade items, eco-friendly things, cheese, chocolates, cookies, electronics, makeup, food, anything. It is suitable for all kinds of shopping. You can also buy and sell services like Yoga, Masterclasses, Meditation, Tuitions, Tattoos, Cooking, Repairs, Legal, Decor, Design, and other professional services. 

I am a small shop owner, can I sell through THINGS?

Yes. If you are in an online selling business with a large number of SKUs, the THINGS app is not suitable for you. You should stick to popular Apps like Myntra, Amazon and Flipkart. THINGS app is suitable for niche sellers who sell limited products. You are passionate about what you do and each product of yours is a labor of love. If you are such a seller, you are welcome to showcase your products in a  unique way through short videos.

I am not a shop owner but I have a few things which are used/pre-owned by me. Can I sell them on THINGS?

Circular shopping is kind to the Planet. It’s not used, it’s pre-loved. Help reduce waste by shopping secondhand, preloved things – from clothing, furniture, electronics, cars, bikes, shoes to everything. Users can get more for less –  Sometimes you pay less than 70% of the retail price. Goodbye Clutter, remember resale is > retail. Sell used clothing and pre-owned accessories to your friends and their friends and so on. 

What is the possible number of people I can reach with my videos through THINGS?

You can reach your friends & family and through their endorsements, you can reach out to their friends and family. As an individual or a small seller, for each product or service of yours, there is a potential to reach 50,000 people for the things that you want to sell. 

What type of sellers can sell on THINGS?

D2C Sellers: THINGS is perfect for sellers with a curated collection of items, not suitable for large inventories.

Niche Sellers, boutique shops: Ideal for those with unique, niche, or specialized products.

Small Sellers: Geared towards individuals and small businesses

Sellers having products worth storytelling: Sellers are willing to share the story of each product through engaging short videos.

Engagement Focus: Willingness to engage with customers on a one-on-one basis, creating a personalized shopping experience.

Does the THINGS app read my SMSes?


Does THINGS track my location?

Yes, with your permission. Only if you give the location permission, we can show local sellers on priority.

Does THINGS get access to my address book?

Yes, with your permission. Address book permission is necessary to ensure that only people who know each other can sell and buy things among themselves. Being in each other’s contacts builds trust and lowers risks.

Are there any specific requirements for making my products’ videos?

Yes, without fail, make it a fun video even if you are selling something boring. Keep the video Vertical and limit it to max 30 Seconds. It should not bear any Watermarks. The video should have no Copyright issues, you should be the rightful owner of the video. No Fakes or Deepfakes allowed. You may create promotional (more than one product in it) as well as single product videos. Do not forget to mention relevant and important differentiated product information in the video.

Would you recommend my shop or product to customers?

THINGS simply put forth the details of all the products for people based on their interests to see and select from. There is no recommendation, whatsoever, for anyone. THINGS do not favor any seller or product.

As a seller, do I need to create a video every day?

More the merrier. You can post as many videos as you want every day. However, we would like you to emphasize the uniqueness and quality of your products rather than posting many boring videos✨

Any tips for quick selling?

To be responsive to buyers, you need to monitor your WhatsApp messages diligently. They will connect with you on WhatsApp. Collect endorsements. Share the listing on your WhatsApp groups.

What are endorsements and how do they help?

When your friends and family endorse your products (by clicking on the ‘Endorse’ button on any product), your products reach a wider network – the network of the ones (friends of friends) who have endorsed them! So encourage them to endorse your products.

When I want to buy a product, do I make the payment to THINGS or the seller directly?

When you click Buy on any product(s), you are redirected to the WhatsApp phone number registered by the seller(s) which is attended by them. You can then get more information, options, etc, and then transact directly with the seller (out of THINGS purview).

Where can I get more information, and share feedback/concerns?

We’d love to hear from you . You can email us at contact@thesnug.app. Follow us on social media to get tips on everything from decluttering to collecting, selling, upcycling ideas, and shopping.

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