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Harnessing Customer Advocacy: A Powerful Onboarding Strategy

Unboxing Videos, Product Reviews, Product Use Cases, Trustworthy Product Reviews 

In the dynamic landscape of business, where the voice of the customer carries significant weight, leveraging your existing customers to onboard new ones is a strategy that spells both authenticity and efficacy. When satisfied customers become your advocates, they not only bring in new business but also contribute to building a trustworthy brand image.

🎁 Unboxing Extravaganza: Unleash the excitement with “Product Unboxing Videos.” Turn mundane deliveries into thrilling experiences, creating an unmissable moment that resonates with your audience. Imagine the buzz as customers eagerly anticipate the arrival of your package, eager to share the unboxing joy on the THINGS App & social media.

🌟 Trust-Building Reviews: Seal the deal with “Trustworthy Product Reviews.” Let your satisfied customers become your greatest advocates, sharing their genuine experiences through video testimonials that speak volumes about the quality, reliability, and uniqueness of your offerings.

🔍 Deep Dives for Clarity: Go beyond the surface with “Product Deep Dives.” Provide potential customers with an immersive exploration of your products, highlighting features, benefits, and the craftsmanship that sets you apart. Educate and enthrall simultaneously!

THINGS Approach – Lead customers by example, encourage customers to generate high-impact content  

At THINGS, we artfully weave your narrative, authentically connecting with the values and interests of your target audiences through content and creativity that truly strikes a chord.

Where We Make It Happen: Our canvas spans THINGS App, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, reaching audiences widely.

Who Finds Their Voice with Us: We focus primarily on Gen Z and Millennials as they are the core of the online shopping Universe.

KPIs for High-Impact Content Marketing: 🚀 KPIs that Propel Success:

Engagement Metrics: Measure the time users spend engaging with your content.

Conversion Rates: Track the percentage of viewers who turn into actual customers.

Social Shares: Monitor the virality of your content through shares on social media.

Customer Feedback: Collect insights from customer comments and responses to refine your content strategy.

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