Put QR Nameplate on Door: Spark Sales in Your Neighborhood!

QR for Marketing D2C Sellers

From Door to Door: Put THINGS App Door Stickers & Spark Sales in Your Neighborhood!

Experience the power of THINGS QR Nameplate, designed exclusively for small and social sellers! Imagine proudly displaying your QR Nameplate on your house door, car, bike, or office cubicle. 

It’s not just a Nameplate; it’s your sales agent! Announce to your neighbors that something exciting is happening – you’re selling and unboxing unique things.

How does it work?

It’s as simple as a scan! Neighbors can scan your QR code and dive into a world of personalized videos showcasing your offerings. It’s like bringing your store to your doorstep, creating an interactive and engaging buying experience.

THINGS App turns every scan into a sale, making the selling journey seamless and exciting. Let your QR Nameplate do the talking, and watch as your sales soar. Join THINGS App today and transform the way you connect, sell, and share excitement with your community!

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