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THINGS is founded by Rajesh Chokhani, Jayshree Nayak, and Deepak Garg. They are based in Mumbai and supported by their extended team of techies, creative directors, marketing professionals, growth engineers, copywriters, art directors, social media experts, and campaign managers spread across Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bangalore. 

Wonder why Apple CEO Tim Cook connected with Rajesh Chokhani, Founder of THINGS, during his maiden visit to India.

Our founding team, are also creators of the popular Shopping Sweet Couch App. The Sweet Couch App impressed the Apple Inc. team with its design and innovation. Loved by 12 million active users in India, Sweet Couch was handpicked by Tim Cook during his inaugural India visit. He met with Rajesh Chokhani in Mumbai to learn more about Sweet Couch. It was backed by Sequoia Capital.

Rajesh Chokhani, earlier co-founded Experience Commerce, led award-winning creative teams for 6 years, earning accolades across the advertising industry. Explore Rajesh’s journey and Sweet Couch in Economic Times, and delve into award-winning campaigns on EventFAQs and APN News.

Discover Jayshree Nayak’s inspiring story on YourStory, igniting creativity and empowering women in the industry.

THINGS team live, breath & dream technology, marketing, scaling, unit economics, customer journey optimization & branding.  The Team has deep insights for each of them and we also learn new methods to improve them. 

Meet the THINGS Team: A Mix of Creativity, Growth Marketing, Economics, & Technologies

Rajesh Chokhani a.k.a. NiceGuy of Sweet Couch  

NiceGuy is even more nicer and wiser now. The most trusted guy for growing your sales online.

Rajesh Chokhani, based in Mumbai, India, is a multifaceted technology entrepreneur, seamlessly blending expertise in technology, branding, marketing, and creativity. His career journey spans diverse roles, including a software engineer at Corel Corporation in Canada, a Software Architect in Robotics and in a Telecom startup in Los Angeles, Director of Products & Technology at Zycus. Rajesh, a former co-founder at Experience Commerce a leading digital agency based in Mumbai. 

He played a pivotal role as the head of the creative, marketing, branding, and customer relationship team. In this capacity, he successfully conceptualized and built interactive digital assets, fostering sales growth. Additionally, Rajesh spearheaded the conceptualization and planning of award-winning campaigns that won prestigious advertising awards.

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Rajesh was  Co-founder & CEO of Sweet Couch, a venture recognized by Apple Inc. for its excellence. He has successfully raised venture capital from Sequoia Capital, demonstrating his acumen in scaling e-commerce startups.

With a hands-on and first-principle thinking approach, Rajesh is adept at problem-solving, branding, messaging, consumer product design, growth hacking, and building core technologies. 

His leadership qualities, combined with a passion for unit economics, product marketing, and community building, make him a rare breed in seamlessly marrying technology and marketing prowess.

Jayshree Nayak, Co-founder, Customer Success, Communities

Jayshree is an adept technology entrepreneur renowned for championing customer success throughout her distinguished career. From her transition from a programmer to customer management, Jayshree has consistently garnered trust among suppliers, employees, investors, and customers. 

Notably, as a co-founder of Sweet Couch, a tech startup funded by Sequoia, Jayshree led the onboarding of over 10,000 online shops, demonstrating her commitment to customer success. 

Her role extended to leading the customer success team, collaborating closely with marketing and tech teams, and ensuring meeting goals. 

One of Jayshree’s standout capabilities lies in her adeptness at conducting efficient funnel analysis. Through meticulous examination of user journeys, she identifies key touchpoints, bottlenecks, and areas for optimization within the conversion funnel. This skill not only enhances the overall user experience but also plays a crucial role in driving strategic decision-making to improve online shop performance.

Deepak Garg, Co-founder – Technology & User Experience

Deepak emerges as a seasoned and dedicated technologist with a strong focus on SEO expertise, app development, video processing, and web technologies. As the Co-founder and Lead Engineer at Human Tales Technology Pvt Ltd, he played a pivotal role in shaping the tech landscape, showcasing his proficiency in building and maintaining sophisticated tech stacks. 

Deepak’s hands-on approach and mathematical inclination toward algorithms position him as a go-to expert in the realms of e-commerce and digital marketing technology. 

Deepak’s adeptness in handling large-scale operations is evident in his work at Sweet Couch, where he crafted and managed a platform that daily crawled and updated information for 30 million products, delivering personalized window shopping experiences to millions of users. His expertise extends to creating loyalty apps for malls and serving as a Lead Digital Technologist at Experience Commerce.

Deepak Garg stands out as a seasoned technologist with a wealth of experience in e-commerce frameworks, notably Shopify and WooCommerce. His expertise extends to various e-commerce marketing technologies, including Mixpanel, attribution tools, CRM systems, and the orchestration of diverse digital campaigns.

Meenakshi Soni, Director of Growth & Marketing, D2C Photographer

Meenakshi Soni is a seasoned professional with a decade-long journey in digital marketing, content strategy, community building, social media marketing, and holistic well-being. With a solid background in Mass Media, Meenakshi’s expertise spans from curating communities on social media to amplifying brand presence for diverse D2C brands.

In her role as a Content Strategist, her approach is rooted in understanding user behavior, ensuring that content resonates with the right audience.

As a Social Media Marketer, Meenakshi has made her mark by enhancing the digital presence of notable brands, including Taj Hotels and Palaces and Brittania NutriChoice. Her strategies are grounded in authenticity, driving engagement, and fostering meaningful connections within digital communities.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Meenakshi is also a passionate photographer, dedicated yoga teacher, and practitioner. Her passion for holistic well-being informs her approach to work, infusing her digital strategies with mindfulness and purpose. She has a sizeable following on Instagram proving her skills to engage and organically build a social media community. Her Instagram handle is @theancientsoul. With a 500-hour Registered Yoga Teacher certification and additional accreditation as a 100-hour Certified Pre-post Natal Yoga Teacher, Meenakshi’s commitment to well-being is not just a facet of her life but a cornerstone of her identity.

With Meenakshi Soni, D2C brands gain a trustworthy leader committed to growth, authenticity, and delivering results.


Do Good: We strive to do work that not only looks good and works well for our clients but also does good for all involved, including team members, vendors, customers, and society at large. We aim to leave behind footprints that benefit nature and its people. If someone doesn’t say that “THINGS are good people to work with,” then we consider it a failure and commit to rectifying our mistakes.


We believe in openness. We uncover the realities of what works and what doesn’t for your brand, then craft a transparent strategy to guide you toward your goals.


We thrive on being avant-garde and influential in our approach. Our expertise lies in adapting to diverse client needs, and consistently incorporating the latest advancements into our toolkits.


We are boldly original and adaptable, pioneering paths in the ever-changing digital landscape. Fearlessly exploring new ideas, tactics, and contemporary approaches is our modus operandi.


We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of technology. As tech experts, we consistently deploy the most advanced tools and platforms to ensure the success of your digital marketing endeavors. 


Revenue builds the brand. Customers build the brand. In essence, the brand is a fusion of financial success and the trust, connection, and experiences woven by the people it serves.

Why Partner with THINGS for Your E-commerce & D2C Business?

Our Unrivaled Advantages

We are outcome-driven. Every action is meticulously gauged, assessed, and refined. We handle everything to minimize your efforts and unnecessary expenditures. Our forte lies in delivering on both quantitative metrics and qualitative excellence.

With unparalleled technological proficiency and a track record of building and expanding ECommerce businesses and D2C brands, our team is driven by youthful passion and an in-depth understanding of E-commerce dynamics.

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