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D2C Agency: Design, Build & Grow Your Branded App

Design, Build & Grow Your Branded App

Branded Apps for a D2C business play a critical part in branding & customer customer retention. However, relevance & timing is important. 

A branded app is a pivotal element for D2C businesses, contributing significantly to branding and customer retention. However, its development should be timed strategically. Designing and building a branded E-Commerce App is resource-intensive, and growing app installs and usage can be costly. 

Therefore, it’s crucial to undertake this endeavor at the right moment, considering metrics like Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) versus Lifetime Value (LTV) and other budget considerations. The app serves as an unparalleled consumer touchpoint, enhancing branding, customer retention, and increasing LTV. The ultimate success is retaining customers even after 21 days of installation, signifying a significant achievement.

THINGS team has a proven track record in iPhone & Android Apps, showcased by the success of our shopping app, Sweet Couch. Apple Inc. recognized Sweet Couch as the most inspiring Shopping App in the Indian App Store for over a year. During Apple CEO Tim Cook’s visit to India, only four startup founders were selected for an exclusive meeting with Tim Cook, and among them was Rajesh Chokhani, the founder of Sweet Couch and now the founder behind THINGS. Learn more here.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

App Installs: Measure the number of installations to gauge initial interest.

User Engagement: Track user interactions within the app.

Retention Rate: Monitor the percentage of users returning to the app.

Customer Lifetime Value (LTV): Assess the long-term value generated by each customer.

Conversion Rate: Evaluate the percentage of visitors who become customers.

App Store Ratings and Reviews: Reflects user satisfaction and app performance.

Funnel Conversion Metrics: Analyze the progression through various stages of the app funnel.


– Timing is Key: Launch the app when the primary website channel or any other channel is proven. Alternatively, you can begin with the App as long as you have budgeted for the effort and resources. 

– User-Centric Design: Prioritize user experience to encourage prolonged app usage.

– Branding Impact: Assess the app’s influence on brand perception and recall.

– Feedback Loop: Establish a mechanism to gather user feedback for continuous improvement.

Success Factors:

– User Retention: The longer users retain the app, the more successful it is in building brand loyalty.

– Positive Reviews and Ratings: Reflects user satisfaction and contributes to app discoverability.

– Increased Sales and LTV: A successful app should contribute to increased sales and higher customer lifetime value.

– Brand Inspiration: An app that inspires users and attracts positive attention contributes to overall brand success.

Services Offered:

– Build branded E-Commerce App for Android and iPhone (iOS)

– Design with a focus on identity and high conversion

– Increase retention and LTV

– Mixpanel Integration

– App Funnel Analysis

– App Engagement Plan 

– App Journey optimization

Approach to App Design:

– Engage and convert visitors effectively

– Convey company personality and brand tone

– Provide a platform of trust for visitors

– Day 1, Day 7, Day 21, Day 90 Journey mapping

– Deliver an engaging experience with appealing visuals

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