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Mastering Google’s Evolution

Enhance Your E-commerce with THINGS Expert SEO & ASO Strategies 

The foundation of good SEO lies in creating a positive reputation for your online business and fostering high engagement on your e-commerce storefront.

Navigating Google’s Algorithm Evolution

Survive the Shifting SERP Landscape

In an era of constant algorithm updates, our Expert SEO services ensure your e-commerce website not only survives but thrives. Google’s algorithm has undergone radical changes, and our strategies are tailored to meet the evolving demands, securing your website’s position amidst the dynamic SERP environment.

Converting Traffic to Quality Impact

Conversion Impact: Beyond Traffic Metrics

Rising above the conventional SEO focus on traffic metrics, our key challenge centers on elevating the quality of users, sales, revenue, and customer lifetime value (LTV). It’s not just about bringing in visitors; it’s about converting those visitors into loyal customers who drive substantial revenue.

Focus Areas: Unlocking Maximum Returns

1. Organic Users/Revenue/Conversion Impact: Addressing CMO Dissatisfaction: 90% of CMOs unsatisfied with SEO. We redefine success by focusing on returns—leads, conversions, and revenue.

2. User Experience: Enhancing Search Engine Appeal: Google values user experience; we optimize for engagement to ensure your website aligns with searcher intent.

3. Average Search Ranking Movement: Strategic Ranking Optimization: Rankings fluctuations are common; our goal is to align your website with Google’s algorithm, propelling it to the top. Prioritizing User Engagement: Emphasizing user engagement for organic growth, aligning your e-commerce goals with Google’s intent.

4. Simulating Google’s View: Our approach involves simulating Google crawlers, understanding your website architecture through their lens.

5. Quality over Quantity: Distinguishing between general and targeted traffic, ensuring a rise in quality visitors who are likely to convert.

THINGS Transforming Strategies for Today’s SEO

Old Way vs. New Way

  • On-Page – Google Contextual Mapping
    • Old Way: Checklist Auditing
    • New Way: Use Case Simulations, Proactive Issue Prediction
  • Risk Mitigation
    • Old Way: Reactive Issue Identification
    • New Way:  Monitoring for Risk Prevention (e.g., Disavow Links, Negative Keywords)
  • User Experience & CRO
    • Old Way: Minimal Focus on User Experience
    • New Way: Prioritize User Experience, Seamless Conversions, and CRO Optimization
  • Brand Reputation
    • Old Way: Bulk Link Building
    • New Way: Contextual Backlinking, Quality Content Creation, Mimicking Natural Virality
  • Wild backlinking exercise
    • Old Way: Mindless Link Building
    • New Way: Mimic Natural Virality, Prioritize Context-Based Backlinking
  • Content Strategy
    • Old Way: Blogging Without Analytics
    • New Way: Social media signals. 

KPIs for SEO in E-commerce:

  • Conversion Impact Metrics:
    • Quality Leads
    • Conversion Rates
    • Revenue Growth
    • Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)
  • User Experience Metrics:
    • Bounce Rates
    • Average Session Duration
    • Page Views per Session
  • Search Ranking Metrics:
    • Average Search Ranking
    • Visibility Index
    • Click-Through Rates (CTR)
  • Brand Reputation Metrics:
    • Contextual Backlinks
    • Brand Mentions
    • Social Signals
E-Commerce Agency: Apple & App Store Optimization

ASO (App Store Optimization) is a crucial aspect of mobile app marketing aimed at improving an app’s visibility and conversion rates in app stores. The ASO includes keyword optimization, metadata enhancement, competitor analysis, app store intelligence, A/B testing strategies, and app review management.

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