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Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, Gen Z; Everyone is on it 

Navigating the Social Media Landscape

Community building is a powerful strategy for retail brands to increase engagement, loyalty, and advocacy among customers. 

Recent studies reveal that a staggering 64% of Gen Z and Millennials in India have completed purchases through social media platforms over the past year. The prevalence of these digital transactions underscores the critical role social media plays in the consumer journey.

From product discovery to post-purchase reviews, every stage of the purchasing journey is happening on social media. Millennials and Gen Z rely heavily on online reviews, influencers, and peer recommendations, emphasizing the importance of a robust social media presence for brands.

Passive Mode Engagement: Contrary to expectations, passive engagement on social media has proven to be highly effective for brand building and customer engagement. Consumers are more receptive to new ideas when in a passive mode, such as scrolling through social media or watching TV.

THINGS Focus Areas: Building Social Media Communities 

1. Create a Branded Community Space: Example: Sephora Beauty Insider Community

2. Offer Exclusive Content and Benefits: Example: Nike Run Club (NRC)

3. Facilitate User-Generated Content (UGC) Hashtags: Example: Lululemon’s #TheSweatLife. Lululemon encourages its community to share their fitness journeys and experiences using the hashtag #TheSweatLife. 

4. Host Events and Meetups: Example: Apple Today at Apple Workshops

6. Encourage Customer Advocacy: Example: Glossier’s Rep Program

7. Facilitate Peer-to-Peer Interaction: Example: Etsy Forums

8. Emphasize Shared Values: Example: Patagonia’s Worn Wear Community

9. Provide Opportunities for Feedback: Example: Airbnb Host Community Center

10. Celebrate Milestones and Achievements: Example: Starbucks Gold Level Rewards

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KPIs for Social Media:

Community Growth: Measure the growth in the number of members within your social commerce community.

Active Community Participants: Social Media Engagements are measured by Likes, Shares, UGC, and Comments.

User-Generated Positive Content: Evaluate the creation and sharing of positive user-generated content related to your brand.

SM Click-Through Rate (CTR): Target a 15% improvement in CTR, signifying increased interest and consideration.

SM Conversion Rates: Analyze the conversion rates of users transitioning from social media platforms to your e-commerce site.

Click-to-Purchase Time: Measure the time it takes for users to move from clicking on a social media post to completing a purchase.

Brand Sentiment Analysis: Regularly analyze social listening tools to determine the percentage of positive/negative sentiment. 

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