How We Work

THINGS Approach in D2C Agency & E-Commerce

A tailored approach for your D2C business, crafted for mutual success

At THINGS, our cross-functional teams propel success by focusing on channel strategy, technical refinement, and creative evolution. Each team comprises seamlessly integrated design and copywriting expertise. Empowering businesses of all sizes, we guide them on their journey of online selling with speed and precision.

Swift Launch: Many brands we collaborate with go live in just two weeks.

Flexible Partnerships: We start with a 6-month partnership, then continue month-to-month.

Fast Results: Witness noticeable results by month three or even sooner.

We are your online selling growth partner and a team of digital experts

We dive deep into your brand, becoming consumers to fully understand it. We focus on the essence of your brand, and your products and align it with the digital landscape.

Our Approach:

Deep Research: Identify key factors influencing transactions through a thorough examination of campaigns, creatives, and landing pages.

Strategic Planning:  Curate plans based on data collected from various platforms, dynamically monitoring and adjusting budgets.

Messaging Excellence:  Enhance your brand and product messaging for maximum impact, ensuring your story resonates with the right audience, and driving engagement and conversions.

Campaign Optimization:  Scale up or down based on performance, focusing on increasing quality traffic and retargeting based on buying intent.

Advanced Reporting:  Provide in-depth analytics and insights for informed decision-making.

Augmenting Engagement:  Optimize for engaged users and relevant traffic, progressively focusing on ROI and transaction volume.

What We Do: 

We’re your full-funnel E-Commerce solution, simplifying and scaling your online sales journey. From building a branded online store to helping with messaging and expanding to new channels, we’ve got you covered.

Listing on multiple marketplaces, optimizing your presence, managing SEO and ASO, and strategizing paid campaigns—consider it done.

We’re not just about knowing; we’re about doing. We measure and optimize every step, ensuring the lowest customer acquisition costs and boosting customer retention for a higher lifetime value (LTV).

E-Commerce KPIs:

In the world of E-Commerce, we’ve got your key metrics covered e.g. CAC – Cost per customer, AOV – Average order value, LTV – Lifetime value of the customer, Daily/ Weekly/ Monthly Sales & Lifetime Value to Customer Acquisition Cost Ratio. (LTV/CAC)

Drowning in acronyms like CAC, LTV, and AOV? Check out the THINGS e-commerce glossary

Meet THINGS team  

Our team of E-commerce, Marketing, Branding, and Tech experts is dedicated to fueling your business growth. We take pride in our achievements, having been recognized by Apple Inc. as India’s most beloved Shopping App.

Moreover, our team has garnered industry-leading awards when they were running top digital agencies in India. Read more about us here.

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