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What is THINGS App?

Things App

THINGS App is like TikTok for Shopping.

In the THINGS app, people make fun short videos to unbox their recent purchases. Friends & family endorse each other. This builds trust in sellers.

Together they discover new sellers & new things. THINGS App does address book analysis of the buyer and the seller to find out common contacts & build trust.

THINGS App has small, boutique, and niche shops selling their unique products.

Shopping App for the TikTok & Instagram Reels Generation
Craigslist is a pioneer in the online classifieds inspiring countless apps including OLX, Quickr, Poshmark, OfferUp, Letgo, Vinted, Carousell etc. TikTok is a benchmark for Short Videos. We reimagined classifieds for the TikTok & Instagram Reels generation. We also addressed

Safety: Transactions can be limited to known contacts. Buyers can decide to opt only for endorsed sellers.

Fun with short videos: Buyers & Sellers create entertaining short videos like you see in TikTok, YouTube Shorts & Instagram Reels to make shopping enjoyable.

Make Unboxing Videos – Unleash the shopping joy with your very own unboxing party! Capture the excitement as you unwrap goodies and reveal the coolest finds.

Spread the shopping thrill! – Inspire others with your awesome picks. Share the love with affiliate links and earn cool commissions.

Buy from friends. Sell to friends: You can also sell to your friend’s friends, if your friends endorse you. This opens up a brand new market for you to sell to.

You can opt to transact among trusted individuals only—friends, family, neighbours, and more, reducing fraud risks.

It’s Real Social Shopping with Trust Built-In: Without trust, there is no social shopping. For shoppers, who have been long looking for a social experience in a shopping app and are using apps like Meesho, should give a try to THINGS Shopping App. They will get a real feel of the social shopping.

What can you buy and sell in Things App? Anything!: You can buy or sell clothes, fashion, collectibles, furniture, used or new car/bikes, antiques, used mobiles, computers, kitchenware, vintage items, beauty products, luxury items, unique items, designer products, artisan things, handmade items, eco-friendly things, cheese, chocolates, cookies, electronics, makeup, food, anything. Its suitable for all kind of shopping.

You can also buy and sell services like Yoga, Masterclasses, Meditation, Tuitions, Tattoo, Cooking, Repairs, Legal, Decor, Design and other professional services.

Circular shopping is kind to the Planet. Help reduce waste: It’s not used, its pre-loved. Sell & buy Pre-loved luxury 7 brand items (a.k.a. pre-owned or used fashion items) at great prices. Get more for less – Sometimes you pay less than 70% of the retail price.

Goodbye Clutter, remember resale is > retail: Sell used clothing and pre-owned accessories to your friends and to their friends and so on. Start selling in less than a minute with THINGS Shopping App.

Reach a Wider Market: You can reach your friends & family and through their endorsements, you can reach out to their friends and family. As an individual or a small seller, for each product or service of yours , there is a potential to reach 50,000 people for your things that you want to sell.

Small, Boutique, or Niche Shops: Join our select trusted shops to showcase your unique products through short videos.

THINGS app is suitable for niche sellers who sell limited products. These shops are passionate about what they do and each product of their is labour of love. If you are such a seller, you are welcome to showcase your products in a unique way through the short videos.

Your Privacy Matters: The app respects your privacy and does not share your private data with anyone.

Get THINGS Shopping App: Download the app and join our mission to create a community that buy and sell to each other in a safe and fun way.

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